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the meaning of life

Hi Bloggie!   This morning i went to the office with my friend, she is a pregnant woman, but she drive the car by herself (kind of awesomeness in life :p).   We have chit and chat about a thing, until she asked me whether in my office have any available position for her husband. i said, 'Yes, there is. but, i didn't recommend  you to work on my office'. then she argued me, she said that yeaa this is about the happiness of the marriage life, she told that she lived far from her family and her husband, she understood that her husband already have the best position in office, but if you can have a good job, nice salary, but you're living far from your wife and child, what we could good or nice, will be broken. She knew that working my office will do not have a good thing as her husband could get from recent job.  Suddenly, i closed my mouth and i think that i just make a mistake, i feel that yaa 'who are you Nin?' you just can't do something for other happine

Latepost : Vancouver 2015

Hi blog-pals! Soo, here they are im gonna post things that might be already forgotten by some peeps. On june 2015, i had a chance again *alhamdulillah* to visit other country for duty trip and this was Vancouver, Canada, BC. Never imagine that i will go to this country, because my dream as far as europe :P (well, lot of stories why i only made my dream far as europe) and this was God's plan and now i try to believe anything happened under His Hands.   Back to the story .. Hmm i stayed on Vancouver for almost a week ( 5 days i think), well jet-lag is a must hehehe (when i came back to indonesia, i feel sleepy everyday :P) .  i went to Vancouver with Pak Rudi, Pak Widi, and Ibu Erna, they are my senior in my workplace. if you stay in Indonesia at 6pm you will see the dark, but here in Vancouver you still see a sunny day, i was feeling weird in that way, because yaa its still a light day, but some stores prepared to close. How about the people ? People in Vancouver is really ni

preface and will always be

hai blog-pals! how many time i've said i've been living this blog for a loooong time, promise me its not about i didn't have time to write down all of the feelings, but the problem was the consistency. if i count all my time, in a day maybe i'll have a lot of spare time for my self. but yea, if you know the devil still won my heart *evilsmirk. so many things happened to me, and it always end up with a question for my self, is it good or bad to be like that. some of questions are: 1. is we really already grown up? 2. what if i quit from my job now? 3. what kind of work is suitable for me? 4. can i just judge people good only if they gave me a good favor? 5. can i just being myself, doing all the things that i like? its kinda of retorika question, until now i didn't find good answer. Well, i'll try to post picture by now, feel some relax after drawing and coloring. oh ya, and also dear bloggie i've been visiting some countries nowadays, so i'm gonna sp