Monday, February 15, 2021

starshoot : there will be rainbow for every gloomy days!

 Hi Teman-teman Bloggie!

How's your day?

Well, its going my 1st post during this pandemic, yay! it's almost 1 year we lived thru the COVID-19, while so many of us then called it as 'Covid-19's lifestyle'. so many masker, so many vaccine jab, and other what you called human called thingy.

others, they viewed this era for big lost, a year that might took human happiness, losing this relatives and what they valued most. brave heart training I think :).

Unpredictably, I got infected by these virus, then I have to do self-isolation at home, without Rian and Bumi beside me. another sad event in my life, then. HAHAHAH. But back then, there are so many many things that slapped me to remind me what a grateful are for and it takes me freee.

caring neighbour, warmth hug from cousins, graceful aunt-uncle- mother-father in law, and happy parents, and a very nice workplace's greeting. what else could I ask for? 

in this pandemic era, i also got accepted in business scholarship and moved to another industry, take a new position. 

so I hope you guys are in health condition, no more stressed out since we already in this era 1 year! you guys are really strong :D

Lemme mark this 2021 with another STROOONG stories~~

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