Sunday, February 28, 2016


hi there again!

today im gonna write about my worklife.

nowadays, i feel like i'm in a burnout condition (burnout in psychology is kind of psychological stress due to working activities), everyone in here pointing their finger at other nose *i mean blame each other for some mistake, this was like a tragedy for me, where i can't find a nice place to grow, to make some self-value, and comfortable.
i still want to learn lot if things here, it's challenging for me, but the environment is a lil suck, can i work as a team? nope.

when i come to this stage, i look back to my self and asking "is it what you looking for?"
you know, i'm ruined.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

cari muka ?

Time goes by dan  finally i face the hardest case in my life, that is a self-control.
Im afraid to be hate by someone, so i give the warmth much as i can.
Im afraid to be discriminate by my peer group, so i give much idea as i can.
Im afraid to be rejected by people, thats why i choose to raise my attitude.

But, after all i realize that i can't control myself, social did.

Here, in the edge between happiness and sadness im thinking about others ( i know that this kinda wasting time a lot), but i think if they really feel the same way as i am.
So they were using the mask (its a conotation)in any ocassion.
Is it true???
Should we live in other face? Screw it up!