Wednesday, May 15, 2019


Nothing can save us from the incompleteness, unless you meet someone someday and they complete you, but not 100%.

People come and people go, driving thru a lot of challenges. 
Person may end up with the loneliness eventhough  the world is very  loudy. 
As we go carrying the incompleteness, we are looking something that makes us complete.
and then, we may find someone, something, somewhere in this world.
They spark the light, trying to convince us that they can give the completeness. Our logic machine is starting up. We are thinking whether it is fake or real.

The sparks may blind us from the real word, they took us to unordinary movement, that can destruct and eat us.
So many avoidance, we have to be careful for any step in our life.  

Oh, what a random mind nind.