Friday, December 30, 2016

At the end of 2016

hello dear my dusty bloggie.

it's really been a long time since i left the trashy words here. 
if you see the calendar, today is 30th December 2016. so it's means that today is the two days before the 2016 year end.

And now im in the coffee shop, while my ears are hearing conference call zzzzz...
wherever and whenever work is stuck inside my head :p

 back to the topic,
 For me 2016 is the marvelous year, since this year i got some achievement and some of my dreams came true:

1. Finally i married with the 6-years love crossing man
    Yes, it was the best moment in life! now my life has changed into a work-wife-soon to  
    be mom life hehehe 
2. I'm pregnant.
    When people always said that you will feeling fall in love with something that you  
    haven't met it yet, yes i feel it.  i almost crying in every monthly check, seeing your  
    baby kicking out inside my belly, even he/she can jump. i do love him/her and hope  
    everything will be fine until the delivery day.
3. Having my birthday overseas.
    It was april 2016, my 2 dreams came true. First, going overseas and second going to  
    china. Well, though it was Hongkong, but im happy because going to China! my 
    birthday was celebrated by watching the closing parade and fireworks in Disneyland 
    Hongkong. When i saw that, you know that i'm crying! hihi. and it was, im crying like 
    'hello you can be happy by only watch this fireworks, you don't need money or status  
    or anything, you can feel that happiness is simple"
4. Going Abroad again!
    My dream is always going abroad, and this year i got 2 chance by went to Hamburg, 
   Jermany and Kunming, China.

I think that is the TOP-4 of my year achievement, this year also so many fall event happened, and all happened in my carrier area. i'm working in a aviation industry, which turbulence happen almost every day! but the problems already taught me how to be brave, how to handle this kind of trouble.  i might be cry in every problem, but once the problem is resolved, i got a lesson its about how to handle something.

 2017, what will we be? it's a mystery!
Welcome to roaster year!