Tuesday, September 29, 2015


hELLO JEllo!

Today i'm gonna talk my first adaptation theme "FAKE" . as i grow up from childhood become adulthood, i always face the fake, but its getting more real and bigger and bigger until now. everyone is using fake face, fake smile, fake emotion, fake writing. well, im kind of extrovert person, so personally i don't think fake is a good behavior, why you should being a clown in the middle of flower garden? *this is personal point of view hope you understand kiddo!

everything,  i do believe it  happen in natural ways in the hand of God and Nature, so i make my self as natural as i can, natural love natural emotion natural gesture or behavior and so on.
But somehow *fingercrossed i do have curtain for my self in case of helping my self from obstacles arround me.

lastly, this is really really my personally point of view, i respect a lot with individual differences :)

Monday, September 28, 2015

whole world change

Hai Good Day friends !

Its been loong very long time since i last time wrote here, i knew that i have a missed feeling because yesterday (well when i was a free-man yow) i always write down all of my feelings, i really missing youu dear blogie.

Those, i try to write again around this week, so i won't leave you empty here.
and the main theme for my recent post would be "WHOLE WORLD CHANGE" , i'm gonna write down story about me who changing up become adult, tryin to addapt with the environment, and the way how people think in adult life.

See you in a couple hours, mate!