Thursday, January 30, 2020

Past Day - Review.

Good Morning, Selamat Pagi..

Helloback to my blog (its a greeeting for my self btw hehe). 
Congratulation and welcome to year 2020! such a nice numbers ya. So many positive willing are shouted in the begining of the year. 
2020 opened with several disaster, or may i call with ' earth alarm' due to some changes that made by ourself. 
i do decluter my clothes, and any kind of things that can help them, just to survie for a while. 
Flood known as 'repetitiive event' at Jakarta, but this year it become worse. 
Self-assesment is needed, to measure how many action do we already involve on this event.

At the end of the month, i went to Bali with my office-mate. 
About the story, i will tell you on the next post. 

My wish that all of you will get good prosperity, your dreams are coming true, and healthy.

I do also hope that writing will be my daily habit.
*fingercrossed, Amin*

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