Tuesday, October 25, 2011

the things already mess

its about friend. another specific  one is friendship.
i know i'm gonna tell you about bull*$%! things.
how childish we are, and how our friendship its getting messy.

you know what, i felt that you've changed. your way to speak, your way to move, and also your habit, seems i don't like it much. well, a human should be grow up, and you also. but your way to develop i don't like it. you're seems to be &*@%$(! person. i don't know why, i don't know why, why you have change like this.
yah, maybe you have a new friends a new environment. do you still remember about your parent advice? still remember about your culture? if your way to speak , is a instrument that can raise up your image in them, ah you did it too much.

at the end of this post, you have to realize that i'm your friend that you know for first the time in this town. and i know how you have been change. sorry, if you feel the same way too, its because you've change too much. and actually, i feel like our friendship was getting so "far" friendship.

tears for friend,

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