Tuesday, April 12, 2011

im proud of you , brotha !

well, when i write this, im still crying, not crying about the sadness but proud
yes im proud of the one brother that i have
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congratulations for my brotha Agustian Bramantyo and his friend Nurrachmat Latief , selamat berkarya di PLN!! proud of you,both..:')
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yes, actually he join the PLN , take a career , and he's growing older.
im proud of him, he can survive from everything that have made him feel to take the surrender way.
but flashmind, i think about my parent yes especially my mom, my brother will go out from home for i dont know years, and me you know readers i still have to fight with this lecture. i think that my mom will feel alone and of course my father too, without 2 of their children at home, i cant imagine that .
downly sad guys when think about them!
i wanna make them proud brotha, as you said that "make our parents proud", I WILL !
and now i have responsibility to take care of them both too,
i will make them proud as they proud of you

go blast,brotha!
agustian bramantyo

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