Sunday, June 27, 2010

yes, we're not romantic

more about love..
i dont have any right choice now, i just stick my heart
with the only one that i have adore him for a long time..
and last nite , me with him just spend our time together,
we did something that made me so special for that nite
although you know , there's nothing between us
i admire him but he doesn't know it
but i try to enjoy
beside him , it can make me happy
but i know that he had admire another girl was made me little
upset, but okay .. this is about passion
last nite, i went to his "kost" to picked his up then
we go to the "happy puppy" we are doing karaoke, sing a lot
laugh , happines and love. i feel that
but it seems to be sad , when i realized about me and him.
we laugh , we sing , we talk each other ..
but we're friend not more than that.

that nite was a really beautiful night
2 months and 3 days i haven't met him yet..and that nite
i saw his face again..
looks like im so happy , in fact i was very very very happy

but after i spent the time with him, and i'm going back to my room
suddenly, i think that my biggest fear come again, u know what?
im very afraid if i addicted to him , though i know that i can't
reach him or maybe touch him
i'm afraid , if i getting closer with him i'll hope more
about us , u know what i mean ?
he likes another girl
i know i should face the truth
but thanks for that nite, very awesome nite with YOU !

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