Monday, June 14, 2010

the peace's message

hehehehe, guys .. that what i wanna say to you make your own paradise, make your world as comfort as paradise, eventhough we never feel stay on there... make your life easy , any tension ? haha sure u have to reduce it , let the wind blow your problem , believe that we can be succesful in the future :D ... why i write this sentence ? hemm.. i listen to the problems of my friend and from their story i knew and i can conclude that the main problem was my friend cant enjoy their life. so , i suggest he and she that they should make their own paradise yes from the world , enjoying their activities giving some love to another or etcetra.. we can go everywhere we want.. do what we wanna do , but remember still on the right place and time.. no more tears if you realize that we can make some useful things in life.. believe it !

make your own paradise by pump your spirit up , enjoy and realize the life that have been given from God to us .. dont forget spread your love , and make the world unite !

nn: sorry for the grammar , i'm still the learner