Wednesday, June 30, 2010

and now at the end of juni

welcome back, people !

nice time to write down anything that have been disturbed my mind,

so what day is it? it is 30th of juni 2010, and it means that this is the end of juni, so much things i've done.. sweet-bittersweet , powerfull -powerless, and so many many things that i've done

and now the july will come ..

have you prepare anything ?

i think you dont have to prepare anything , except if you are being me

i need some ,,,humm i called it bag of guns.. a lot of guns to make my july become wonderfull ,and powerfull also

this july i'll be the orientation's commitee which it will be take my time so much, but i think i will enjoy that...

haaahhh so many things that i've to do 1 months to go ..

and all of that need special power

so everyone,

i wanna say welcome july and make your self comfort and friendly with july


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