Wednesday, May 5, 2010

hey !!! im 18 now !

hey i'm totally 18 now...
haha.. since 1992 and now 2010 , i'm growing older and older... 18 years i had living on here, EARTH watching new stories and new magic inside my life.. how happy am i ,when i know that one year again God give me a chance to take a breath on earth..
i do happy , but a little afraid if i can't take the meaning of life...
so many wishes ...which is i want to be more in my words i say "adult thinker" then i wanna be real me , not only the ninda .. i want to be myself.. succes in the academic.. reaching out my future idea and of course meet with the one who i call soulmate.. its not very difficult to me to understand what should i do in this age, just like previous age i do something that i've arranged before. i'm 18.. and a college student , my responsibility as a human become higher and higher , but gals, if you do something with full of self-eficacy and you believe that it works and can change your life .. u'll get the best result ever !!!keep spirit and keep struggling for your future !!!

so, welcome 18 ..please be friendly with me..and c'mon LETS ROCK !hah

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