Thursday, December 31, 2009

i've got nothing to do

good afternoon!!!!
so first of all
i wanna say 'turut berduka cita '
for the 4th leader of Indonesia
Mr. KH. Abdurrahman Wahid
(but actually his real name is abdurahman al-dakhil)
may ALLAH SWT give he the special place

oke , so
this is the last day on 2009
what will you do this nite ?
maybe some of you have prepare for the new year eve :-)
so glad to hear it..n.n
but actually i don't celebrate the nite
i want to sleep all alone
i don't know
i wanna hang out, but i hate the situation
crowded and full of people
dan lagi-lagi penuh orang pacaran
saya benci sekali itu

so , this is called new years dillema

ps: happy new year all....hope we'll be better than the year before
love you

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