Sunday, December 21, 2008

13 CREW......MY 2nd Family

> What ? 13 crew? D’ you know that ?? hemm.. maybe some of you..he8. ok, I’l tel you bout his one.. it is “13 crew” , and the real name is “ korps Soeringgit angkatan 13 “. Maybe u feel bizzarely with this. D’ ya know ? Korps Soeringgit is the main group of the scout on Senior High School 3 Semarang..And we’re in the 13th generation (I like it very much). And we have another name that is “LABA-LABA’’ or in the English Spider… I’m very proud with them. And mos of th 13 crew members give the predicate as 2nd family for laba-laba. 3 years we passed it together..sadness..happiness.. we took it together.. 13 crew has two leader that called ‘PRADHANA”,they are Rani and Rendra. Both of them are a man.. hghghghghghg. Actually, 13 crew have 55 members (hhoho). So many achievement that we have..

1st, the 1st winner of drama at PAB
2nd, the best GPLA ever after
3rd, the most Bantara members.. 23 people
4th, full-team when Raicab III
5th, representing Semarang City on GWCAB event
6th, representing Semarang City on Raimuna Nasional IX
7th, representing Semarang city on LCTP
And all those kinds of things…

My 2nd family, my 2nd family,
A part of my Senior High School life that can’t be separated…

-abraham.zul.jujuk.ungok,an.uwi’.fungi.lutfi.alam.eka.rendra.duddin.monita.ditdot.vivin.shinta.resha.ivanna.adriw.nyemeng.dindor.fafa.skroo.arsa.mamah phidy.sazz.nyaa’.kak hana.rand.bang hudd.mokkey.pempi.nobi.chella.nind.isna.kaka.sill.ana.tantrong.yuyun.kikik.hanny.sugab.andina.erwinda.hylda.dewi.gembul.erry.widow.ria.dhiah.yuce’.dinda.

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