Monday, June 8, 2020

mirror mirror help my self

I believe my self deserve more than this,
i was broke by people, who talk what they dont have talking about.
i was broke by a concept, that always put me on degradation zone.
i was broke by a fake circle, where a long sword hidden and try to kill me.
i was broke by environment, which their toxic can't be intoxicated from me.

i was upset with this kind of feeling that can't easily Destroy.
i was upset with this sort of mind that can ruin flawlessly.

i may not be a person who i don't want to be.
i cant please everyone,
this is myself. eventhough some might hate me, or try to make me down.
i just want to say, this is me.

who deserve a happiness,health and wealth.

Poor you, toxic people.

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