Saturday, May 30, 2020

Going Up and Down

Hello reader (s)!

am i back to write? definetely yes.
i'm back during this pandemic, just want to drop out these feelings, feelings that are mixed between happy, sad, angry, bingung, and so on.

in this pandemic, i found so many ways to be mature. both mental and physical.
to be more passion in having such a 'hard-life-event', to live in my dream's life.
i'm above happy to do my hobby during this pandemic, learn more language,  cooking, baking, gardening, designing,  and more singing, as always.

During this time also, i just committed to my self to erase the toxic and embrace something in more positive ways.
by restrict some Instagram account, hide their story, and unfollow ( Thanks SocMed btw). also, i try to tie the broken ribbon with my old friend. and it's very happy.

to forgive myself  and others, this is the lesson that i always learn. Not to communicate with 'not worthy' peeps also my daily activity. wehehehe.

I hope i could write more and read more in this last semester. i really hope.

So how about you readers?
Thank you.

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