Friday, February 17, 2017

self-reflection: valued or to be valued

Hello from the other sidee~~
its so typical when i said that hello, long time i've not been here to leave something trashy here.

today i just want to tell about the reflection of being 3-year employee of state-own company. for now, i'm writing with doing some waiting activities for obtaining something that favorable for my company.
For me, being an employee is a 'perfect comfort zone', because here there's not many rules that make you scared, the one and only that will make you scared is just your boss. because they can screaming in front of you and in front of many peeps.
But the consequence of that condition is by being employee we're not a valuable thing for them, trained? no! reward? no!

and how to be valued by them? for almost 4 years here, in my eyes, employee who want to be valued by their company should not doing the best or give best advise to their boss, you just have a big mouth-talk to them- gain some mass- and voila people looking at you as a great employeee!

 oh okay i must say, watch your mouth nind!
but here they are,  the blog's function where the trashy mind collected.


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