Thursday, May 19, 2016

the meaning of life

Hi Bloggie!

This morning i went to the office with my friend, she is a pregnant woman, but she drive the car by herself (kind of awesomeness in life :p).

We have chit and chat about a thing, until she asked me whether in my office have any available position for her husband. i said, 'Yes, there is. but, i didn't recommend  you to work on my office'. then she argued me, she said that yeaa this is about the happiness of the marriage life, she told that she lived far from her family and her husband, she understood that her husband already have the best position in office, but if you can have a good job, nice salary, but you're living far from your wife and child, what we could good or nice, will be broken. She knew that working my office will do not have a good thing as her husband could get from recent job. 

Suddenly, i closed my mouth and i think that i just make a mistake, i feel that yaa 'who are you Nin?' you just can't do something for other happiness. then i agree with her thought, for any happiness you should sacrifice something.

Lesson learned for me, the meaning of life each people is different.
maybe i still a single lady, that think a nice place with a nice salary would be good enough for me. but for my friend, who already have family, proximity between family member is the best one, though you don't have a good salary or nice working environment.

So guys try to value others thought, our mind not always be same with others mind.



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