Saturday, May 7, 2016

preface and will always be

hai blog-pals!

how many time i've said i've been living this blog for a loooong time, promise me its not about i didn't have time to write down all of the feelings, but the problem was the consistency.
if i count all my time, in a day maybe i'll have a lot of spare time for my self. but yea, if you know the devil still won my heart *evilsmirk.

so many things happened to me, and it always end up with a question for my self, is it good or bad to be like that.
some of questions are:

1. is we really already grown up?
2. what if i quit from my job now?
3. what kind of work is suitable for me?
4. can i just judge people good only if they gave me a good favor?

5. can i just being myself, doing all the things that i like?

its kinda of retorika question, until now i didn't find good answer.

Well, i'll try to post picture by now, feel some relax after drawing and coloring.
oh ya, and also dear bloggie i've been visiting some countries nowadays, so i'm gonna speed up my writing skill to tell you those adventure!!

smell you back!


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