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Latepost : Vancouver 2015

Hi blog-pals!

Soo, here they are im gonna post things that might be already forgotten by some peeps.
On june 2015, i had a chance again *alhamdulillah* to visit other country for duty trip and this was Vancouver, Canada, BC.

Never imagine that i will go to this country, because my dream as far as europe :P (well, lot of stories why i only made my dream far as europe) and this was God's plan and now i try to believe anything happened under His Hands.
Back to the story ..
Hmm i stayed on Vancouver for almost a week ( 5 days i think), well jet-lag is a must hehehe (when i came back to indonesia, i feel sleepy everyday :P) .  i went to Vancouver with Pak Rudi, Pak Widi, and Ibu Erna, they are my senior in my workplace.
if you stay in Indonesia at 6pm you will see the dark, but here in Vancouver you still see a sunny day, i was feeling weird in that way, because yaa its still a light day, but some stores prepared to close.

How about the people ?
People in Vancouver is really nice, they greet us wherever and whenever, though i'm a mosleem and wearing hijab, they treat us as other people (i mean who didn't use the hijab).  Everytime i go to some place, store, even a station they greet me like 'hey, how was your day?' 'where are you going?' and etc.

The food?
For a mosleem like me, maybe it s quite difficult to find a halal food there. but i have no worries, because there's a kebab restaurant, that i pretty sure believe the food is halal.
also, if you like sushi or any kind of japannese food, you can buy some ready-to-go sushi. again, no worries about food :)

fun places?
Though Vancouver is determined as a metropolis city, but still they has a lot of fun places, you can see whales if you want! *excited*
Vancouver is surrounded by sea and also hills, if you have enough money, you can take a look using amphibi plane, it goes by sea and hills. One of my favourit place was a beach, i forgot what is the name of that beach, but there's a lot of people enjoy their activities (sunbathing, playing arround, reading a book, etc) without any obstacles. i only sat down in the side of the sea, and yeaaa feel so comfy theree.
Oh ya, people there always reccomend stanley park as place to visit, well i also reccomend that too, if you want to have more enjoyable travel, dont forget to rent a bicycle, and you can cycling arround stanley park also don't forget to bring your dog or cat :D

How To Get There?
From Jakarta i took GA874 to Tokyo Haneda and after that i used NH (All Nippon Airways) to Canada.
That's all the stories, more info you can contact me!

Here they are, the picture from Vancouver and Haneda.


eat some seafood near Vancouver Convention Centre

We are heading to Vancouver Int'l Jazz Fest

This is the beach i already mentioned above

its 8pm, but it feels like 2 p.m

Best Gellato in Vancouver, Bella Gelateria

Amphibi plane... Amphibi Plane!

Our Shoot in the middle of Vancouver, it was 9 p.m

Our last photo in Canada, it was in Duty Free

Yeaay! Thank you Vancouver for all the goodness

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