Monday, September 17, 2012

senior-ended year!

hello! its almost 1 month i didn't post anything at this blog. wawawaaa~ a lot of thought, feeling and mostly  story need to be told here. but sometimes lazy and the crowded time became my bestfriends. wait? crowded time? don't you remember that you're now in final grade? *selftalk. yap! i'm on the final grade now, but the activities still like the 3rd semester :p. in daily, a lot of profession i do, such teach student, yah lecturer assistant for organizational and industrial psychology also success skill :), its very make me happy and all my times, never useless. another, i use my time to come over the library, doing my research for my final task (read: skripsi). honestly, i still dont have any tittle for my thesis, i have to wait the confimation from my lecturer about the tittle. bahbahbah! it makes me worried about my future, but worrying gonna be the mubazir thing you know. 
so, now, i'm collecting any pieces of my spirit. because the final year you'll fight with yourself!

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