Friday, June 29, 2012

the trashy mood!

its getting a long time for me to post at this blog, blogie! a lot of situation and a lot of feeling has been coming for much! and yogyakarta now is getting colder than ever. so, what i want to write down in here is about the trashy mood!
the trash the trash and the trash. trash in my mind, mean the unconventional, un-urgent, un-special, and a distractor!.
your mood is lower because of you're thinking about that one!. emm i mean that one is problem that might be happened in your life, or for me its about the past, anything in the past, should it be the success one or the failure! Great! and you know what? we're drowning in tho the deep and we trapped! ah im sorry the phrase we should change into me :p.
sometimes, it makes me to have a move-on action, but it happens for a short time. what i really have to avoid is become alone. because when i'm alone, all of that think is come up! and yes, you're trapped and drowned!
so, thanks for the trashy story hearing.

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