Friday, April 27, 2012

session with lia

antoher session with lia. we had a good conversation, and she gave me the best word that i've heard from her :). i told lia about my plan to get involved in any forum that have international level. and lia really appreciated about my plan. 
and then she said 'why someone smart like you was dump from *****&$&4? look like they did the big mistake'
and i answered ' well, maybe that suited for myself, li. and i know, im free woman didn't  want anyone told me anything that i should do much, i know the proper way still'
'im sure nind, someday you'll reach your dream for going abroad or anything. sometimes, you said that when you applying for scholar you didn't have 'the feel' or you just apply it, not seriously involved. but, one thing that you have to remember nind, you can say that words but you didn't consider that the winning of you was resulted from your effort after you're having a failure'

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