Monday, April 9, 2012

lead style :)

your highest value as a leader is fun. For you, the best way for young people to make change is sharing the opinion of a group of young people. This means that *drum roll*....

You are a communicator!

You value speaking up for a cause. You emphasize communication to align people and help make a change. 

If you choose to take leadership, whether it's locally, nationally, or internationally, you can help to make sure that decision-makers and people making change hear important voices who might otherwise not be heard. Perhaps you will do it by speaking, or maybe you'll communicate by writing fiction, making visual art, or organising social media campaigns. 

One thing to look out for: Words alone don't make change. Make sure you find people who can connect to your cause and take action, 

In the workforce, you might consider a job as a teacher, a preacher, a politician, or a spokesperson. Whatever you do, we wish you good luck!

ini hasil dari ngisi surveymonkey yang dikasih dari AIESECinternasional

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