Saturday, April 28, 2012

annually birthday?

didn't like the other birthday celebration, i didn't feel about the celebrate things. haha. started from i forgot my mom's birthday, really. well you can't judge me i'm a stubborn child, this business has make me crazy, forget the little things, but the mistake that i got was the little is the important! hahahaha. so, tommorow on 29th april gonna be my birthday. but hey, i don't  have a birthday feeling, its just an ordinary day, yes ordinary day, i didn't have any plan , any special wish or maybe the special things. what i want still, have a healthy body, happines, stronger everyday, and cheerful everyday. no promises, i'm gonna make it better everyday, yes!
everyday is birthday, our ages become less everyday not annually, so why we should celebrate it once a year? we have to realize that our birthday is everyday! :)

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