Friday, March 2, 2012

gift from abroad.

haloooooooooo!!!! selamat pagi dan selamat 2 maret 2012 :) looks its a good day for blogging time :p. well, this edition i'm gonna write down about their gift for me, ya they means my friends who come from abroad, but they still indonesian!, until now, i have 2 gifts from my friend. the 1st one is from lusiana alias sumi, she joined indigenous conference at China, and she gave me this china gifts, it has a good smell and i hang it at my room. kind of air refresher i think, but it seemed to be traditional one. 
and the 2nd was from mbak nira who just have back from Japan! yeey, mbak nira is one of my KKN friend's. she gave me (well actually all of my KKN member's ) a very nyummy chocolate, dried mangoes from filipina which have a sour flavour (but i like it hihi). and guess what, mbak nira also bring a kind of origami. woww! im dazzled with those origami. i think, im not good enough to make that, so i took that. 

im so happy to have abroad gift's but im gonna more happy if i'm the woman who bought the gifts and go abroad!

dari mba nira dan lusianaaa :)
origami ribet abis tapi so colourful dari mba nira

itu bungkusan kain cina dalemnya ada bunga kering dr lusia

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