Monday, January 30, 2012

your own hell!

you dont have to build your own hell.
everything that you should do, do it easily. dont be emotional, you have to be the passionate one!
if you scare about something, change it into funny things.
well, sounds like 'ninda, you have been eaten by your words!". this is my way to support my own self. i have to do the thing that i've never been do before, a lot of scared feeling, a lot of negative thought such as 'will they accept my words? is it the right statement ?' and those thought have made me down, and too much of thinking. i need the optimist thought. so  change my mind into 'everything that i do, never gonna false, everything is true' because we learn , we always try the better the better and the better until we reach our perfection.

so readers, if you can build your own paradise, you don't have to build the HELL!
life in paradise is better than life in hell, rite?
enjoy your life! pump up your spirit :)

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