Saturday, March 12, 2011

great things.

so good nite everyone ? how's your saturday nite ?

is it going to be sad-nite? i don't hope it doesn't happen to you. my sat-nite ewrr not sad but its fill by my feelin about missing him. yes we're on a different town while im back to semarang.

well, after havin some dinner with my family include mbak anggi as the candidate of my sister in law, i start to write what i've been thinking on the way i go home.

yesterday, i saw the kick andy show , and it was very interesting theme. i didn't know the real theme but i know the means of that program "story from the young people who already succes by their entrepreneurship", then i watched it with my mom.

one guest star told about the trick i think how to be succes person,she said, that when you want to be succes do this:

dare to dream big

dont be afraid to be failed

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