Saturday, January 29, 2011

simple thought, favourite words

opposite attracts, but two people who are so much alike are just like magnets with the same pole.

commitment is a funny things, you know?
its almost like getting a tatoo. you think and you think and you think and you think
before you get one. and once you get one, it sticks with you hard and deep. tapi kemudian
mungkin kita tiba disatu titik ketika rasanya benci banget melihat tato itu, and all you wanna do is get rid of it. so then you did. and you're fine without any btatoo for a while.

sometimes we do have to choose to settle down,but aren't we supposed to settle down with
the one that we truly love,not the one that just happens to be there?

marriage,babies, family, they're all just some regular things that you see everyday in life.
but for those who are yet to have them,they're luxury.

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