Wednesday, January 12, 2011

random question and its suppossed to be an award. :P

man of the match 2010 was going to this people
1. Rian Effendi for his feelin
2. Augustinus Adhi W for his advice
3. man with "R" as his initial for ruining my friendship
4. man with "L" as his initial for one week spell
5. Rangga RR for his surprise about hisself.
6. Reza Kurnia for his obedience

woman of the match 2010 was going to
1. Yasintha Braciella for her exoticism
2. Nurul Ulfah P for her winning moment
3. woman with " P" for her real-her action
4. woman with "U" for her high-level.
5. woman with "O" for her psychopatic-life.

best team 2010 is going to
1. Psikologi Rumah Kita's team powered by mas Galih
2. National Conference " Empowering Our Nation With Psycho-television" powered by Psikomedia UGM
3. 100% Indonesia festival powered by BEM-KM UGM
4. ECC Apprentice powered by ECC UGM
5. Psikomedia UGM powered by Ardias Nugraheni.

7th of january 2011

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