Wednesday, January 12, 2011

enjoy this exam week,pals!

so everybody welcome to the jungle!
(what?jungle? *sigh)
haha.just kidding!
hem maybe about 2 week tommorow im gonna have my final exam
wait,wait,wait my final exam doesn't same with national exam
its not about "skripsi"
its just about periodic exam, where i should fight to get
the best score, and move up to next period.
*sounds scare, rite?
hah, whatever you say about my exam
but do you know?
i haven't study yet !
*evil laugh
i spent my time at home, and i did nothing at there.
i just em like julia robert's film "eat.pray.and sleep"
haha you believe it, huh?
but everything is gonna be alright yup?
and i believe my score will be good
well people , lets do something for the best that we wanted!

pump it up !

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