Monday, October 25, 2010

LUCKY you!

hello world!
night seems to be very scary now
what i feel just the same .. little frustated and lonely
so i decide to turn off my phone to live without any disturb from outer.
i try to focus with my exam . but you know, i have more than one to be thinked.
seminar .. festival ..and task from my lecturer.
any tolerant ? ah YOU WISH ninda..

aha! im going to say congratulation for you who your call was answered by me
and to you whose message was replied by me
now, im turning into quiet people
if im on my room
my handphone and anything that connect me to outer was turned off
i try to be individualist
i try to be more focus
and i try to be better person
and for the people who get your call or any message from me
i say you're LUCKY !


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