Tuesday, September 14, 2010

hi-school re[union]

hi people , i just wanna share what ive done on my HOLI-DAY ! hahahaha. i've something like high school reunion at dio's house .. gathering and then we are going to simpang lima played fireworks and then we are moving to terracota cafe to have some little talks ... so everyone enjoy this picture that i've taken from my EZ!

mama and me at dio's home : she's not really my mom
she's my bestfriend actually

happy family ,huh : indah as mom, silly as child , and hanny as a maid ,silly said .haha

fireworks played by : ninda.dian and hanny .
sorry for the blur ;)

no, i dont want to burn that car ! haha
we are not what you think we are , we are golden man of the match : jati and babe !

romantic scene played by : er and jati .haha ..sorry for the blur ;)

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