Tuesday, September 14, 2010

greetings ;)

hello bloggie
feels like my brain had frozen so i didn't write anything at here, my page.
so , what am i going to write now ?
just give you lil bit information about my current condition maybe ,,, whooa
but first of all , i wanna say HAPPY EID MUBAROK !
for those who muslim lets celebrate our freedom day ;D , and for all people my friends, family , besties , and all of reader and blogger forgive me if i have something that hurt your heart , its about joke , dude !

well now , im on semarang having a vacation but like another holiday .. just stay at home . haha
my family just already come to my house , they came from Jambi -Sumatera. Yuli aunt and her familu\y ( 1 husband and 2 child) . she and her family want to see Lawang Sewu , so last night me and my family accompany her to that place . seeing lawangsewu at night, wow its wonderful scenery .. i've been here for almost 3 times but at night this is my 1st experience.

im alone at home , my brotha and my mom attending funeral now.
i just want to tell you this .
next maybe my handwriting about my life will be appears. SOON !

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