Thursday, September 16, 2010

flash of prambanan-trip

well this picture was taken when i went to Prambanan temple with afida,eyin, and mbak titi...
please make your own position and enjoy this pict !
sorry if im very beautiful wikikiki.

me with eychuuuuu

this picture taken by bule .hehe

from left :fidul.nindul.eychuu.mbak titu

im not a beggar. unfortunately, this is just an acting

special effect for me and fidul

not candi prambanan,but candi prawan the W

FYI,before i took this pict i was hitted by the wood

monster behind the tree

happy !

im not in ready position for my cam,its candid,but awesome !

hat and umbrella gals

look at fidul's mouth

fidul the umbrella photographer

that's all folks . thanks for watchin' my pictures
this is one of my great holiday with my friend at july '10

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