Friday, August 27, 2010

reflective on this weekend

today is friday
means that tomorrow will be the weekend , where i can't find any lecturer , wake up at morning and another activities that i usually do everyday.
and wow , tomorrow i am going to relaxing myself by doing scrub or maybe it well known as luluran.hehe

so i am going to write what i've got from this season the first week at my college life as the 3rd semester student.
a lot of fun and little bored with the subject.

mrs. wisjnu martani for metopem
mr.fathul himam and mr.rasimin for PIO
mr. martono for MPS
mrs. aisah indati for PERKEDEL
mrs.sri koesrohmaniah for faal
mrs.avin helmi for kelompok
mrs. budi andayani for O+W

i do like ' em . they are very very awesome , i know that all of them has been the expert till now.
and now i have them , they gonna teach me about the subject. feel little worried for the first time but then they try to ensure that subject is gonna be alright and so much fun.
btw, this week though its the first week and the first day of lecturer when the people have some stereotip that the 1st meet is going to be the introduction how the lecture will happen, BUT this week well im sorry to say .. the lecturer already gave me the task . wow its very incredible!!!
start with perkedel then faal next pio ,and last kelompok.
fire burning inside my brain..
take a deep breath and try to write again ;)

i think that this week was the first why we dont just take a seat and have some unformal meet?

emm,its okay now i try to think positive , why the lecturer give us the task at the first meet
maybe he/she wants to know about us .. our spirit , and i also think that maybe the lecturer want to pump our spirit so we dont have to be lazy person , or maybe waste the time by doing something that's not good enough for us as the college student..

yuhuuu, whatever the lecturer gives to you , just think positively
regards, ninda

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