Wednesday, August 25, 2010

random part5

good night everyone!
now im at my boarding house and exactly my rent room
like usually i've got the insomnia ..very bad for me, but its okay, i try to understand anything that happen on me.

so what we are gonna do?
i 'll tell you about his nite..
i have the big event with my friends called ALSTE(Alumni SMA 3 Semarang)
we go to pondok cabe having a buka together,
than we go to the downtown of yogyakarta like malioboro and on.
rain and rain we walk inside the rain than finally we decide to have a meal at raminten.
what a great nite today , though now i have an influenza

apa yang bisa saya syukuri sekarang:
ga ada si 2304 d buka bareng , nyot saya ga perlu salting ato apapun itulah .
bisa ketemu sama temen terbaik saya selama di jokja ini
ketmeu anak2 psikologi banyak juga...i wandering poncab is the favourite place for college student.

so , enjoy your life everybody !

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