Saturday, August 28, 2010

i wish i could be more than that

last nite , wow i did something thats crazy enough for me.
maybe u knew that,rite?

we made up some relationship than we broke up for almost 3 hours we stay on that fake.
but wait , after that i chit-chating with fafa (my bestfriend) , i told him what have been haapened between me and him(not fafa).
i felt that when we ended this fake relationship i felt like i really broke with that boys
get dissapointed
or anything that usually woman on break-up situation felt.
fafa told me that i have a feelin on him.
can i believe this?
i have a feeling for him?

everything's ruining on my head now.
i know that we're just having a fake relationship not real ..
this is my real life
when im alone without something to be worried about.

about my feelin into him?
well, maybe we (me and him)
has know each other but not many , we meet on FB again , we also commented each other
he succesfully makes me melt like an ice .
sooner i feel comfort with him .
and the feeling came into my life
but i know him.simple.

and now , i just wandering if i could be more than this fake.
but, yes this is the reality .
you , me and our life .

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