Saturday, August 28, 2010

happy birthday BETY !

happy birthday for my bestfiend bety kusprihanti , today you are growing older.
have ur special day you also have special wishes. lets make it come true bet ;)

bety kusprihanti ,purwokerto 28 august 1991 . she is my bestfriend , strong women , adventurer, womanizer very , she loves to laugh , and very-very giving much attention about performance of someone , though she seldom easy to get panic for any situation , but she has the passion to do her life. she is smart , good writer , dilligent and friendly of course . she likes giving every smile on people arround her ..
so in ur special day bety,
i wanna say
HAPPY BIRTHDAY 19th .. i love you
spread your smile arround your life
be confident of everything that you have , and NEVER GIVE UP !

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