Saturday, July 17, 2010

terdengar begitu labil, huh?

hey guys, i think u have read my blog and of course you also
read my recent writing.. u might conclude that im in a bad-love
condition , or maybe u think that im crazy about something
that called love,, oke i know that very labil about this one
WHY ? yes this my right condition
without someone who listen to me, think about me , and all of
those kind of things
but i surrended by the people who have their someone to hold, to told
to hemmm,,,you know what i mean when someone have their girl/boyfirend
so, i wanna say sorry for bothering you all. i didn't mean
to make ur eyes going to sick or red because of my blog
u may say that im lebay ... but its better to honest than
u dont say the fact.
so everyone, hope you enjoy another story from me
and maybe it can inspire you to write down any feelings
that you feel, though you have to sensor the people who
become your topic.
gotcha !

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