Monday, July 12, 2010

random part2

hey world , hows your day ?

today , 12th of july 2010
and what will i write ?
just random .
everything about me and my life

1. i have bought the design book pop art design of course, i love to designing and arranging so im very happy to have this one
2. forget about DSLR , and now im so in love with lomo , though it was just an analog camera but it seems to be very strengthfull to enrich my photograph skill
3. yesterday , yes sunday i hang out with my bestfriend fafa, a lot of fun when fafa told me about her new girlfriend, funny story why he and her girlfriend become one ,, i wish i could be like fafa and erde (fafa girlfriend.,red) .hahaha
4. wow i still enjoy to play looklet ,, it is one of my way to become a fashion designer , so for the people who wanna be a fashion designer and u can't draw like me haha .. try looklet.. its dangerously fabulous :DD
5. what i still want to write ? hah donno ... everything's got to be more more and more wonderfull trying to enjoy my life without any sadness ...and welcome to the real world :DD

last but not least, keep dreaming and lets make a new start for your life, your dream and of course your future :)

i love y'all

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