Saturday, July 24, 2010

miracle A for industrial and organizational psy

wow.. maybe i'm very late to tell this story , bout it still wow till now
well friends i've got an A for my subject yes Industrial and Organizational psychology..
you know what ? maybe i've mentioned it on this blog .. how i try very hard to get a good mark,
and you know the material was very-very make me so bored till end ... one book for almost two hours..
dizzy dizzy ayayayayaaa
when test was held , i sat down on seat number 20 and its getting surprise when the chair beside me which is number 10 was sat by mas adit ,,haha the handsome boy in my journalistic club, im little nervous to sit beside him..
and the test began to start .. AND WOW !!!!
what the hell it is... its a hard excercise ... i felt worse at all
i just can do my best that time , i saw my other friend who very-very confident doin' their excercise
i can't do this .. i wanna give up then .. but yes still have the spirit to end this test faster...
i doin my job all well and i get stress out , so i decide to give up and walk out from my room test ..
you know im the 2nd man who get out from that room.. the sound of my friends like yealling me or another was hear.. i walk with my confidence so people won't underestimate me..
but in front of the room ,, haha i laughed i cry( boongan ) and anyone who meet me i talked to them ,what i've done .. the people try to calm me down .. haha .. but im still thinking about that..

day after day...
finally i check my SIA , then i get a big surpriseeeeee
A for PIO I
i laugh i laugh and i laugh
sujud syukur dan sebagainya
how happy am i
facing the truth that i got A syalalalalalallalala

so , what do you think ?
is it just lucky ? or maybe my score was helped by another task ?

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