Monday, July 19, 2010


Looks friendly with this sentence ? yuhuuu I do so. Celebrate our diversity ?what should it be? Why diversity not university? Hemm lets think about this one. We live in this world with a billion billion people inside here . Allah the perfect one, Allah may create human difference from each other.. you , me , they, or them.. that’s why Allah differ between me and agnes monica or maybe Sarah Walker.. every man woman , a half man-woman (haha I guess you already knew that) has their capability that we know its different from each other me , I do love writing I can make some imagination about my writings, but maybe sarah and agnes doesn’t. so what about you friends? Surely u different enough with me . maybe u can read a poem, but I can’t . you can drive a car , but I’m not, and many things that I can do , but you can’t and their converse. So back to the topic , lets celebrate our diversity … black –white skin, small –large eyes, sharp-flat nose and all those kind of things that make us different each other can be united by doing an event or action that involve any people from different culture. We can hear what sumatra’s people say about their problem about their power and weakness and so do another area. We can unite as a youth that have responsibility with our country. Together , we work together.. to make the different’s problem miss out and we can live happier than before. No feel about banishment, different ora anything. What we should do just hear what people say about the problem and what they need. Maybe if we have something more that they don’t have we can give it. That’s called celebrate our diversity , when we hear what another people say and where we solve the universal problem together without any distinction for some people.
So friends, let me say that we born as unique human and in this world there are so many people with their uniqueness, so lets we celebrate it with understand what people say and want and believe it if we do this for everyone, they will do that for us. And the world become more peaceful than before
Keep smile through the world.. love ya

Ps: sorry for the grammar , I’m still a learner

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