Saturday, July 17, 2010

hello everyone !

wow good morning everyone, hows your day ?
is it good ?
oh whatever you feel today , please enjoy my writings
what the topic? still love love and love
love is magic , we never know what will happen with us cause of love
happy..sad..mad..angry...stressfull...manic ,,and others
this edition half a true story and half is a fiction , so you have to be smart when you read my story

and so do i, i still in love with someone
who is he? haha .probably you have knew that ,because i have mention him repeatedly
about him..i dont know how to say
i feel unlove ,yes because you know he loves another..
so check my writings today and for closing i give you very-very beautiful song that always make me cry when i listen to it...
enjoy your life people :))


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