Sunday, May 30, 2010

final exam ... hwooaaa..

g'd morning everyone !!!i still hanging on my lovely home lovely city and of course lovely country...haha
whats goin on ?
whooaa.. i still stressed out with final exam that wil be held on 21st june 2010.. i think i'm not scared , but maybe a little worried because yes you know guys , the material was very very out of my head.. since there's to much material and i little didn't understand what my lecturer has said.. whuhuuuu.. personality and industry and organizational psychology .. was very very hard lecture.. i don't blame my difficulty to my lecturer, but wait .. the lecturer didn't give any hmm something like information , just presentation and presentation , who will know about material if we only know from one cohort ( cieh bahasanya psikologi bangettt....)

so , i get up and realize that it will be held 2 weeks to go , and i dont understand what its that and what it means.. blalanlnblabla.. get tired of course but keep struggling everyone,,, u can do it better better and better
i know that i can be the winner like when i was child like this
nn : picture when i was kindergaten student..
looks like im so smart , yep ? ;D

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