Saturday, April 24, 2010

well, another topic not always love that i have to tell you
now, just want to introduce about Indonesia ...
Indonesia is an archipelago which has 13.667 islands , this is my country where this country has a lot of culture such dance, song, sacred ceremony , and another kind of things.
Indonesia has alot of diversity but we can celebrate it.. we (indonesian) has a fundamental motto and this is it " BHINEKA TUNGGAL IKA" means that although we are different but we are one . and thats the reason why we live happily together, though we came from the different culture ,
oke indonesia has 5 bi island , From the west to the east
Sumatera, Jawa,Kalimantan (Borneo),Sulawesi , and Ppua New Guinea
a lot of tourism in this country , u can see watch and learn about Indonesia culture .. yes Indonesia is damn beautiful !
u wanna feel the sensation ? com e nd visit Indonesia.
A lot of Joy and A lot of beautiful things , because Indonesia is dangerously beautiful !

visit this link and u can get more info about my country , Indonesia :

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