Saturday, March 20, 2010

hore..disney club house ada lagiii :DD

well, this morning i watch my television right on my home..
when the time showed 7.30 pm
i switch my channel to RCTI
then , i was surprised when i saw the DISNEY CLUB HOUSE..syalalalalla
this is my favourite cartoon, since it has lost when i was child ..hey i'm still child rite ? wekekkekeeke

hey, there is one child from my neighbour come to my house
i've got to told him to not disturb me
i'm very happy because i can watch it again ..but with new look of course
it make me a little dissapointed again
because the format was turned into like the "dore the explorer format" a little bit bored i think..
but, i love them sooo
mickey,minnie,donald,daisy,pluto and bruto

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