Sunday, February 14, 2010

Selamat tahun baru chinaaaa :D
lupa taunny brapa hehe .

well,congratulation for those who celebrate this day
i look at the sky
ouu its fireworks honey :)
it fired up from gombel i think
the sound was very loud ..

the tiger year ,is it rite? i hope .
so, saya berharap tahun macan ini tidak akan bermunculan trio macan yg lain ..hahaha.
enough with 'em
do like the tiger
strong .energic. and powerfull
dont be the negative like tiger such greed ,selfish and all those kind of thing .
so many hope so many wishes it must be balance with so many power on this years ..

well,how bout the chinesse do now ?
how they celebrate this wonderful day ?
I'd like to know ..
Fly me to the china..
hehe .

LAST, once again gong xi fat choi
hope it'll better than before ..

i've got to sleep but i can't

nn : i miss my 26 .

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