Friday, January 29, 2010

random part 1

run luna run !
selamat pagi semuanyaaa...hoahem
semangat pagi ini..harus ruarrrr biasa
well, i'm ninda arlitasari who still be a chitato and nutrijell addicted
well,this is the 2nd week from my holiday..what i've to do ?
i just do nothing..just waste my time for stay at home and then make some like necklace..
(i told you later for this,make ur curiosity about me higher..haha.)
i've just learn how to make money myself .. i want i want it..because i know that i need additional finance for my life, because u know that i live far away from my parents so it's not easy to ask my parents to give me some ..;)
so many ways that i've tried ut, i hope it'll work ..and can give a lot of benefit for me...

n now, i still try to enroll the asean youth forum which will be held on this october.. i wanna go to korea..not to meet and greet with the "BBF"stars .FYI, i'm not addicted with that film.. i just know that film and the actor .oke they're so handsome and indonesian girls called that "IMUUUUTTT''.haha but i didn't feel it ...
ok back to the topic..asian youth forum on korea
i wanna go there..yes i wanna follow..i wanna be something from that event
guys, pray for me please..haha
so i can go there and follow that event ..

nn : guys,doakan saya bisa berangkat ke korea

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